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Web Design

We are firm believers that best design is the one that improves the user experience and helps business achieve its goals. That’s why we craft each of our MasterPiece deliver concrete results whether it’s better conversion or improved flow – our websites just work!


Graphic Design

The purpose of any marketing tool is to attract attention and to deliver a resonating message. We put our many years of graphic design experience to achieve that result. We do that by coming up with extraordinary solutions that combine originality with substance.



Others may tell you that a picture is worth a thousand words. We say a well-captured moment is worth a thousand pictures. From business functions to wedding receptions, product launches to corporate lunches, over the years clients have trusted us to capture their most memorable moments that they have cherished over time.


Sales Funnel Strategy

Some websites are meant to provide information only. We say, why not make it a sales funnel? With our well designed landing page plus a well scripted sales copy guides your site visitors to take action, without all the hard sell! Trust us, we hate hard selling too.


The Company

Little Story About Us

Sucky designs pisses us off! While we’re on that topic, throw in unintuitive layouts, mismatched color schemes, 1990ish menus and super-irritating missing plug-ins.

Let’s face it, everyone with smart device browse the internet all day long. We look at tons and tons of web pages, and some turn us on, while others, well, off! Now, how do you make sure you never, ever fall into the second group?

Onlineimage.my is for the design-conscious, UX-centered peeps. You may be a web designer, program developer, marketer or entrepreneur, but if you want to know what works and what doesn’t, here’s the place to be. Join us as we comb through the net for the best tips, real-life examples, power-packed strategies, quick-fire techniques, design innovations and just plainly anything sexy.

We’ve got a dream. A dream that at every link we click, every search result we Google, we’ll be seeing beautiful web designs and experiencing innovative layouts. Because, seriously, if you care about the brands you put on your back, the wheels you cruise in and the scent of your perfume, you deserve to have an awesome, ass-kicking online image too!

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